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Small Tortoiseshell pupae (Aglais urticae) x 5.

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5 X Small Tortoiseshell pupae.

Pupae are best hung by the tip of their abdomen and placed in a net cage like those supplied by Gribblybugs. If there is silk attached to the tip of the abdomen this can be wrapped around a safety pin and the pupae pinned inside the cage or the pupae can be glued to a stick by the tip of their abdomen. Gravity does help with emergence but, if needed, the pupae can be laid on some kitchen tissue in the bottom of the cage.

If the weather is very hot and dry the cage should be misted with water daily especially when the pupae are close to emergence.

After a couple of weeks as chrysalids, the butterflies will start to emerge. The adult crawls from the pupa, hangs as the wings expand and rests until they have set hard.

You will be able to observe your butterflies for as long as you wish.

The Small Tortoiseshell is a native species, so you can safely release them into the wild. If you have suitable flowers nearby, they may spend many days in and around your area.

Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars feed solely on Nettle plants, so if you have any of these available, you may be able to find eggs and caterpillars and study their development further.

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